From the Richmond-Times Dispatch archives, here is an image from February 1962 featuring Mrs. E. E. Hickerson (left) who was one of the first to receive aid from the information and referral service for senior citizens that opened recently at the Branch House, located at 2501 Monument Avenue. Miss. Mary Ribble (right) with Family Service Society was on hand to answer her questions concerning health, family situations, finances, and recreation. This service, which operated for a trial period of six weeks, was under the sponsorship of the Richmond Area Community Council. It sought to direct each individual to the agency or organization in Richmond which could best meet the needs of the individual involved.
Family Lifeline, which originated as The City Mission in 1877, is celebrating 140 years of services this year. The organization, which helps citizens in need, transformed over the years from Associated Charities (1905), to Family Service Society (1928), and Family & Children Services (1968). Today, as Family Lifeline, the organization continues its work in the Greater Richmond area and is the largest nonprofit provider of intensive home-based care in Central Virginia.