Our Impact

Established in 1877, Family Lifeline is an organization inspired by the work of our founders and driven by modern-day best practices. As the region’s largest provider of intensive home visitation services to at-risk families, our team of dedicated staff and volunteers are in the home of over 500 families daily. We strive to ensure:

  • children are safe, healthy, and ready to learn
  • older adults and persons with disabilities remain safely in their own homes for as long as possible

Our premise is straightforward — strengthening families provides a foundation for success, two generations at a time. Family Lifeline works to solve the root of problems, building on assets, and creating lasting impact. All of our services are prevention-focused, strengths-based, culturally-informed, and outcomes driven. And we take these services into the community to teach, nurture, and support individuals and families in impactful and lasting ways:

  • We teach young mothers how to care for their newborns.
  • We educate parents so they can help their children succeed in school.
  • We support isolated older adults and persons with disabilities so they may age in place in their own homes.
  • We relieve caregivers with vital respite time for self, work, or family.

“From the youngest baby to the oldest adult, we create positive change that is meaningful, measurable, and sustainable.”

Helping and caring is part of our tradition

During wars, depressions, and hard times, Family Lifeline has served as a vital “lifeline”, providing families with the tools and resources needed to create a better future for themselves and their community. Throughout our long, proud history, we have celebrated our mission, while simultaneously focusing on current community needs, assuring that, as an agency, we remain relevant. Our unique approach to partnerships and our fundamental service philosophy are at the heart of our longevity and success. Click here to learn more about our history.

Our service philosophy

Once inspired by the work of our founders, now driven by modern-day best-practices, we deliver all of our services, not in an office, but in the homes and the communities of those who need them the most. We believe that engaging families in a familiar place — a place where they experience their daily successes and challenges — maximizes the development of a true, caring, reciprocal relationship.
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