Family Lifeline Young Professionals (FLYP)


What is FLYP?

FLYP is Family Lifeline’s young professional council with a mission to develop and empower young professionals to assume leadership roles at work and in the community. The council works to cultivate support for Family Lifeline and its programs through volunteer, social, and fundraising activities. FLYP is comprised of young professionals between the ages of 23 to 40 who are dedicated to Family Lifeline’s work in the community.
To date, the group has formed Strategy Teams focused on Events, Volunteers, and Public Awareness.

We are very responsible for the problems of the elderly, when it comes to age-related erectile dysfunction, it is necessary to understand all the nuances of the use of drugs for erectile dysfunction.

For more information about FLYP, please email [email protected].

140 Club

The 140 Club is an initiative of FLYP to engage the next generation in supporting one of Richmond’s oldest nonprofit organizations.
A giving society that honors young donors under the age of 40 who make a commitment of $140 to Family Lifeline’s Annual Campaign in the 2017 calendar year,consider becoming our partner in bringing health & hope into the home for the next 140 years!


Your 140 supports:

  • 14 learning-rich child development activity kits for families with small children
  • 5 hours of health education provided to parents with young children by a registered nurse
  • 25 age-appropriate books for families with young children
  • 7 hours of intensive home care services to an older adult or individual with a disability
If you have questions about FLYP, please contact Nick Parnell at 804.249.5424 or leave a message below:

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FLYP members have proven that they are committed to making a difference in the community.
Having served on other YP boards, I have seen that many young professionals are interested in serving on boards strictly as a resume builder. I believe FLYP is ‘coiling the spring’ in preparation for making major impacts in the years to come.

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