Talk LIVE: Growing Your Career & Community

Wednesday, November 20th from 6:00pm to 8:00pm at Richmond Triangle Players at the Robert B. Moss Theatre

Guests will find the intersection of passion and professional excellence at Talk LIVE: Growing Your Career & Community. This TED-style event will engage, inform, and inspire professionals of all ages with actionable steps and advice on how to advance your careers while also harnessing your passion to influence real change in our community.
At Family Lifeline’s annual Talk LIVE event, participants heard from a variety of leaders about how success comes not so much from what we do (our job), but how well we do it (our passion for our job) and the effect it has (impact of our job).
Speakers included:

  • Samantha Kanipe, Founder, The Richmond Experience: In the ever changing landscape that is social media, hear how Samantha started her own business that highlights all that Richmond has to offer.
  • Michael Way, Jr., Renowned Photographer and Architect : Truly the definition of a polymath, hear how Michael pursues his many passions every day!
  • Rachel Douglas, Executive Director, The Innerwork Center: Through dedicating her professional career to philanthropy, hear how exciting a career in the community can be!
  • Elaine Williams, Community Activist: Always finding new ways to positively influence her community, hear how to work to positively influence the individuals around you!

Samantha Kanipe, Founder, The Richmond Experience

Samantha Kanipe is the founder and content creator for The Richmond Experience, a digital company providing insight and inspiration to locals! With a passion for city life and a commitment to connecting small businesses to the community, Sam gains satisfaction from helping people and businesses thrive. You can find her over @therichmondexperience featuring things to do, the latest in arts and culture, non-profit happenings, upcoming events and festivals, and much more.


Michael Way, Jr., Renowned Photographer and Architect

Michael’s explorations have taken him on a journey from architecture to success in stand-up comedy, professional photography, high-end food service, editorial writing and eventually back in his native trade of architecture. Currently he divides his time between serving as project manager on the retirement home for a Senior Vice President of JP Morgan Chase, professional photography for the Arthur Ashe Boulevard Association, the O’ Brien Foundation, and Randolph-Macon College, and a book project documenting the history of individual and team change-makers in Richmond, tracing the organizational thru line and power of symbol from the foundation of the city in the shadow of slavery to the renaming of one of Richmond’s main streets after Arthur Ashe, a national tennis legend, international humanitarian, and municipal favorite son.

Rachel Douglas, Executive Director, The Innerwork Center

Before becoming Executive Director of The Innerwork Center, formerly Chrysalis, Rachel served as Director of Nonprofit Learning Point and founding staff for the Partnership for Nonprofit Excellence, working to build the effectiveness and efficiency of Richmond’s nonprofits. She has volunteered for many formal and informal organizations and believes the issues are all connected. In addition, she has served on multiple nonprofit Boards, including The Richmond Queer Space Project, which thrived despite the hostile social climate of the early 2000’s. Rachel earned a BIS and MSW from VCU and considers herself a lifelong learner, holding multiple personal and professional development certificates. None of her formal education compares to what she has learned by doing her inner work through The Innerwork Center.


Elaine Williams, Director, RVA Thrives

Elaine Williams is an activist, organizer, and advocate for equity and justice for marginalized communities. Elaine currently serves as the Director of RVA Thrives with Virginia Community Voice. She is an expert in bringing an equity lens into housing, homeless services, and community engagement. She is passionate about equipping individuals in marginalized communities with the tools to make decisions around issues that impact their community on a daily basis. Elaine’s life goal is to inspire people to tap into their inner light that will to their awakening to becoming the best version of their authentic self. In her free time, she enjoys spending time with family, doing modern calligraphy and training to become a runner.


Attendees will learn from local business and community leaders, be inspired by their passion, verbalize with thought leaders, and engage in lively discussions around how you, too, can advance your career while making a difference. You’ll also better understand the mission of Family Lifeline and the unique role we all can play in empowering families in our community to lead healthy,    happy and independent lives.