Name, Position, Organization:
I’m Renee Lenassi and I work at CarMax’s Home Office as a Senior Analyst in Financial Reporting.

Three things you want us to know about you:

  • I love books! A walk to the library and reading a new book all afternoon is my perfect weekend afternoon.
  • I love being active and outside, whether is it walking my dog, running around the city or slowing down for a yoga class. Richmond has so many beautiful paths and parks to enjoy!
  • I love cooking! There are so many great restaurants in Richmond, but I love being in my own kitchen either cooking one of my tried and true recipes or trying something new.

Three things that inspire you at Family Lifeline:

  • How connected and passionate the staff members are about the individuals and families they serve.
  • Seeing on an individual level, how Family Lifeline’s programs are changing people’s lives and helping them plan for their future on their own terms.
  • Witnessing how generous people are in giving up their time and resources to help others.

Three things that you do for Family Lifeline:

  • I am a newer FLYP member and sit on the Events Strategy Team which works to create opportunities to raise funds and awareness about Family Lifeline.
  • My goal is to introduce my friends, family and co-workers to all of the great work Family Lifeline is doing in the community.
  • I help plan worthwhile events to that are both informational and promote Family Lifeline’s work and mission.

What do you love most about Family Lifeline (so far)

  • I love how committed staff, board and volunteers are to the organization’s mission and seeing the impact Family Lifeline makes in our community – it truly is amazing!
  • The longevity of the organization, 140 years and going is so impressive!
At Family Lifeline, we value each other and the work we all do to contribute to our overall success. From board and FLYP members to employees and volunteers, we all work hard to support vulnerable families in our community.