Name: Joe Williams, Senior Internal Communications Specialist
Role at Family Lifeline? Current Board Member, passionate volunteer and former FLYP president.
Why do you support Family Lifeline?
I support Family Lifeline because if they didn’t go out in the community and do what they do every day, who would? This organization provides much more than services and support. Family Lifeline is a familiar face to brighten the day for a senior who might go all day alone and is a helping hand to families and children. Family Lifeline’s true impact cannot be measured by percentages or graphs, but instead should be measured by the lives forever changed by their genuine care and passion for helping others.
What is your favorite Family Lifeline memory?
The first meeting of Family Lifeline’s Young Professional council. It was really cool to see the energy and passion every member had to help Family Lifeline. You could just sense that this was going to be something special.
Who inspires you?
My grandpa. He was the hardest working man I’ve ever known and taught me so much about life that I didn’t realize at the time but do today.
What is your favorite family tradition?
Going to Surfside Beach in South Carolina every summer. It was always special to go down there and spend time with family and create new memories
What is on your bucket list?
Running for a local or state elected office.
What are you currently watching on TV, Netflix, Hulu, etc.?
Modern Family repeats are always on in our house.
What is the last book you read?
I reread a book titled A More Beautiful Question. If you are a creative or entrepreneurial person you will love this book.
What is your favorite Richmond restaurant? Acacia Mid-town.
At Family Lifeline, we value each other and the work we all do to contribute to our overall success. From board and FLYP members to employees and volunteers, we all work hard to support vulnerable families in our community. In an effort to share more about the people behind the scenes that contribute to Family Lifeline’s success, we would like to highlight you in our series: The Faces Behind Family Lifeline.