Family Lifeline’s Sounds and Sights of the Holiday Season PAT Connection Group is an extra special event for families in our Early Childhood Programming to enjoy holiday festivities while also receiving positive child development, parenting education, and building social supports. Supported by the generous funding of the Richmond Christmas Mother, children and their parents engaged in learning-rich activities, enjoyed a nutritious holiday meal, met the Gingerbread Man, and left with an age-appropriate books and toys.
Family Lifeline’s Early Childhood programming partners with parents to assure that their children are healthy, safe, and ready to succeed in school and life. Recognizing that parents are their children’s first and most important teachers, Family Lifeline utilizes Parents As Teachers (PAT), a nationally recognized home visiting curriculum, to create learning-rich environments in a family’s own home. PAT activities employ every day materials with very practical steps by which parents can support optimal child development. While most of our work is conducted in the home, PAT Connection Groups occur in the community and help to reduce social isolation for families and foster peer support.
PAT Groups are a way for Family Lifeline to engage the families in our programs with each other while providing them with parenting support, reducing social isolation, and connecting families to resources in the community. Held regularly, PAT Groups are free and focus on a variety of parenting topics and activities. Each group provides a way for parents to engage with their child in new places in the community while also meeting families who have children of a similar age.
Funding from the Richmond Christmas Mother seeks to support nonprofits that provide assistance to clients in need, with a special focus on services related to the holiday season.