Family Lifeline Young Professionals (FLYP) are passionate about Family Lifeline. Hear from them in their own words why they give their time, talent, and treasure to support our work of bringing health and hope directly into the home:
I first joined Family Lifeline as a communications intern during the summer of 2016 and was immediately drawn to the organization’s mission and values. The more time I spent with its passionate staff and board members, the more impressed I became by the impactful work that the organization has done for the Richmond community. It’s no wonder that Family Lifeline is celebrating its 140th anniversary this year—the services it provides are absolutely crucial to improving the lives of so many families in the Richmond area.
I returned to Family Lifeline to join FLYP during the fall of 2017 and I am incredibly excited to be part of such a diverse group of young professionals. From day one, I was able to witness first-hand the enthusiasm that this group brings to every meeting and event. From planning local gatherings to large fundraisers like Chocoholic, every member understands the significance of furthering Family Lifeline’s mission through these events. In my professional career, I have never been involved with such an impressive collection of talented individuals.
Family Lifeline’s programs provide such an important service to at-risk families with young children. Through education and meticulous coaching, every parent receives the knowledge they need to support their kids through crucial developmental stages. Every child will also be able to gain access to the resources they need to be prepared for school and life. I truly believe that every family should have the same opportunities in life to succeed. Through Family Lifeline’s programs, every parent can help build a strong foundation for their children’s early years and healthy and happy children will grow into future leaders in the community.
As adults get older, loneliness and isolation often become a main cause for concern. Family Lifeline’s friendly visiting and in home care programs help combat isolation through simple yet significant actions such as phone calls and in home visits. For many older adults, a small gesture such as a 15 minute conversation can help promote a sense of connection to the community and can be a huge factor towards improving their quality of life. Older adults deserve to have every opportunity to remain socially engaged and I am incredibly proud of the programs that Family Lifeline provides towards achieving this goal.
After spending the previous 9 years in the DC area, I moved to Richmond in the summer of 2016 to pursue my Master’s in Public Administration. During the last two years, the Richmond community has fully embraced me and I am happy to call this city home for the foreseeable future.  I was incredibly fortunate to find Family Lifeline, an organization that has served the local community for over 140 years and one with a mission that I fully support. Richmond has already given me so much and I want to give back to the community by working with organizations like Family Lifeline because I want to continue to do impactful work and improve the lives of as many families as I can.
In recognition of Family Lifeline’s 140th year of service to the Richmond community, FLYP is seeking other passionate young professionals — find out how you can help bring health and hope into the home locally.