Family Lifeline Young Professionals (FLYP) are passionate about Family Lifeline. Hear from them in their own words why they give their time, talent, and treasure to support our work of bringing health and hope directly into the home:
I was quickly captivated by Family Lifeline after learning more about their mission and work in the community. The organization is locally focused and provides aid to individuals throughout the life spectrum, providing vital services to vulnerable members of our community. I believe that even a little bit of time or effort can make a major impact on the life of another.
I joined FLYP in June of 2016 and I have loved every minute of the experience. The council is a collection of eager young professionals with diverse backgrounds that are very interested in making a difference in the local community. We take a hands-on approach to furthering Family Lifeline’s mission and we lead several educational/awareness/fundraising initiatives throughout the year.
Vulnerable families often do not have the resources, capabilities, or even the time to prepare children for success. A little bit of help, through in-person gatherings or existing learning resources can make a huge impact on the life of a child and their family. I would love to help “level the playing field” by providing vulnerable children and young families with the resources and opportunities they need to reach their full potential. Everyone benefits from a happier and healthier community.
Older adults often become isolated and vulnerable as they progress through the later stages of life. Something as simple as a small gift for the holidays or a phone conversation can make a major difference in the life of an older individual [or anyone for that matter]. The importance of a small token is often forgotten and I would love to promote the fact that a little bit of effort can go a long way.
I have lived in Richmond for the past ten years and I expect to live here for the rest of my life. I find the philanthropic vigor and the devotion to service within the Richmond community to be energizing. Community groups and volunteers make a larger impact on the community each year and I want to contribute to the movement. With continued momentum, I think the drive for health and happiness will snowball throughout the community. I love the Richmond area and want to contribute to the betterment of the community!
In recognition of Family Lifeline’s 140th year of service to the Richmond community, FLYP is seeking other passionate young professionals — find out how you can help bring health and hope into the home locally.