Family Lifeline Young Professionals (FLYP) are passionate about Family Lifeline. Hear from them in their own words why they give their time, talent, and treasure to support our work of bringing health and hope directly into the home:
When people ask me where I’m from, I’m quick to say, Richmond…but even quicker to specify that I actually grew up living in the suburbs outside of Richmond. Growing up, I had the best of both worlds and as I begin my professional career working — and now living the the City of Richmond — I am struck by one common theme that seems to unify individuals across the Metro area: isolation and disconnection.
I see this with adults, young children, families, and especially older adults. And everyday, I meet individuals who are trying to establish or rekindle connections to resources in our city and ties to family/members and friends. Trying to meet their needs on an individual level is exhausting, unsustainable in the long run and my major motivation for giving to Family Lifeline. In a city of so much isolation, our organization meets individuals in their homes to connect them to larger resources while respecting their needs for independence and their choices to live healthier lives.
As a member of Family Lifeline Young Professionals and one of the leaders of this group, I have chosen to connect with professionals, staff, and other young professionals to assist some of the area’s most vulnerable citizens with making choices that honor their need for autonomy while increasing their connection to others, to services, to a larger community. I give financially to support the specific needs of the organization and to ensure that these services will remain available to individuals who could not afford them otherwise. I give my time as a way to strengthen my own connection to this city, the larger metro community, but more importantly, to further our mission by empowering my generation and the next generation to give back to our local community through engagement, networking, and use of our creative skills.
In recognition of Family Lifeline’s 140th year of service to the Richmond community, FLYP is seeking other passionate young professionals — find out how you can help bring health and hope into the home locally.