Family Lifeline Young Professionals (FLYP) are passionate about Family Lifeline. Hear from them in their own words why they give their time, talent, and treasure to support our work of bringing health and hope directly into the home:
I first learned about Family Lifeline while looking for organizations that employ community-based health and counseling. My professional life focuses around the role of skilled community health workers who are able to visit and work with people in their homes instead of at facilities, and I was curious if anyone in Richmond was doing this. In Family Lifeline I found an organization that not just practices, but is fully committed to helping people in the places where they live their lives.
Family Lifeline is playing a key role supporting the people who most need support across the Central Virginia community. In the past few years there has been lots of excitement and energy about Richmond being on the rise. While certainly lots of things have improved dramatically over the past 20 years, that rising tide has not lifted all people equally, and does not eliminate the significant needs in our community. It’s critical that the physical and mental health of all people, from young children to older adults, be adequately supported in the midst of all of the excitement about things like property development and breweries. That’s why I am so grateful that Family Lifeline is continuing its 140-year tradition of locally-focused service.
Now I work with Family Lifeline as a member of Family Lifeline Young Professionals council, trying to pitch in with fundraising, organizing events, or publicity efforts. I’ve been especially lucky to get to be a part of Family Lifeline’s all-staff engagement committee, which works to support staff development and facilitate staff connections across all programs. Through my participation in that group I’ve gotten to meet many of the committed and passionate staff members who work across all of Family Lifeline’s different programs.
There are lots of great nonprofits around, but I’m excited to support Family Lifeline for its local focus, its compassionate and skilled staff, and its continuous commitment to relevant service. That clients open their homes to receive Family Lifeline’s staff is an amazing endorsement and expression of their trust and faith. I’m excited to support Family Lifeline’s continued engagement in the community, and to see how this vibrant organization evolves with the needs of the central Virginia community for the next 140 years. That’s why I give!
In recognition of Family Lifeline’s 140th year of service to the Richmond community, FLYP is seeking other passionate young professionals — find out how you can help bring health and hope into the home locally.