“They’re great! I couldn’t live without them…we just have a good time. I love for them to come see me.”

Mrs. Day has always been a social woman enjoying the company of others. In 2015, she moved to Richmond from North Carolina to live with her daughter. That move impacted her access to the social networks she enjoyed while living in North Carolina. She was at risk of social isolation, which can negatively impact both physical wellbeing and mental health. Mrs. Day’s daughter, Lysa, reached out to Family Lifeline’s Visiting Volunteer program as a way to expand her mother’s social network, especially during the day, while she is at work. Visiting Volunteers allows trained friendly visitors to build meaningful relationships that promote health and wellbeing in older adults.
Soon after enrolling, Mrs. Day was introduced to Erin and Kaylin, two best friends and recent JMU graduates. It was love at first sight.  The threesome meets weekly and phones each other often. They enjoy talking, looking at photo albums, playing with Mrs. Day’s dog, and even modeling Mrs. Day’s hat collection.
Lysa believes the program has been truly beneficial for her mother and Mrs. Day considers Erin and Kaylin like daughters. They make her feel happy when she is down and better when she is not feeling well. Erin and Kaylin look forward to seeing Mrs. Day just as much as Mrs. Day looks forward to their visits.
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