To honor our 140th anniversary, Family Lifeline has reinvented itself again with a mural across the front of our Broad Street office in celebration of our 140 years of service to the Richmond community. The mural reflects the vibrancy of Family Lifeline in 2017.  It communicates—in English and Spanish—key themes of our work—Health, Hope, Home, Compassion, Family, Community and Resilience. Crafted by local muralists Andre Shank and Mickael Broth, the mural is a first of its kind (in a city known for murals) as the design blankets the buildings in words and phrases that represent Family Lifeline’s mission of bringing health and hope into the home. Two teams of CarMax associates provided hands-on support for the project in honor of #CarMaxCares month — and what a fantastic job, jumping right in to help Family Lifeline make history!
140 years later, Family Lifeline continues to thrive because of our responsiveness to the changing needs of those we serve. From our humble beginning as a simple soup kitchen to a comprehensive human services organization, Family Lifeline continues to remains uniquely poised to improve the lives of families in the home — two generations at a time.

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