Guests found the intersection of passion and professional excellence at Talk LIVE: Grow Your Career & Community hosted by Family Lifeline’s Young Professionals (FLYP). This TED-style event engaged, informed, and inspired our sellout crowd of professionals who left with actionable steps and advice on how to advance their careers while also harnessing their passion to influence real change in our community.
David Gallagher, CEO, Dominion Payroll and Board Chairman, Cameron K. Gallagher Foundation and Grace Gallagher, Executive Directory, Cameron K. Gallagher Foundation spoke on the impact of individual on the community.

  • “What is our ripple?” David asked our audience, “How are we impacting the pond around us?” The Gallaghers reminded our audience that everything we do matters, and its about developing our attitude to use pain as fuel for shaping our effectiveness. Ultimately, we have control over how we decide to view a situation and whether we will use our pain for good.

Rodney Willett, Senior Vice President of Business Strategy, Impact Makers spoke on the impact of business on the community.

  • Impact Makers maintains a rare “triple bottom-line,” which consists of social impact, environmental impact, and profit margin. They remain competitive on the basis of providing cutting-edge management and technology solutions while providing meaningful purpose to their employees (consistently rated as top place to work ).

Renowned Artist, Ed Trask spoke on being passionate about what you do in life and at work.

  • Ed is a talented artist who struggled to overcome his father’s expectations to pursue art and music. A popular muralist in the Richmond community, he has traveled all over the world incorporating beauty, light, love, color, and positivity wherever he goes. Ed shared his steadfast willingness to never let go of his inner talent to be an artist despite low pay & many obstacles.

Katherine Wintsch, Founder & CEO, The Mom Complex spoke on her entrepreneurial story and career advice.

  • Katherine was a VP of a fortune 500 company (The Martin Agency) but gave it up at age 35 when she realized she had been lying to herself — wearing a mask to fulfill others’ expectations of her in order to feel positive about herself. She realized she was living for the approval and accolades of others — living up to others’ standards vs. living in authenticity. She continues her journey to be genuine and find her inner and outer truth.

Jeff Bourne, Virginia State Delegate, spoke on his public service career and shares words of wisdom.

  • Jeff discussed his early life and his relationship with his father and bi-racial family. He faced many struggles growing up but chose to utilize his pain to persevere and overcome, ultimately helping others in similar situations. He hopes strives to be a role model for his children and recognizing the value of education, Jeff devotes his life to public service in support of education.