Tycsala Armstrong is a new Parent Educator in Family Lifeline’s early childhood programming, joining our staff this past fall.
Tell us a little about yourself. My name is Tycsala Armstrong; I am a recent graduate from J. Sargent Reynolds Community College with my Associates Degree in Human Services/ Drug Abuse Counselor. In fact, the picture above is from my graduation with my three grandsons (can you believe I’m a grandmother!?).
While I’m still new, I find my work very rewarding — leaving a client’s home feeling like a change was and is still being made in the family because of Family Lifeline. Although, I have certainly encountered situations where we’re working with a family in a major crisis and there is really nothing in our power we can do to help. One of my favorite quotes is “Do unto others as you have them do unto you.”
How would you describe your work? There are several ways to describe Family Lifeline but the one that stands out to me is their organizational values. Family Lifeline values support and that is demonstrated in the way we support our clients in their goals so that they can achieve overall well-being and independence all while remaining compassionate and encouraging.
In the next few years I envision myself playing a large role for Family Lifeline, becoming more active in the organization as well as the community. I would love to grow in the field, expanding my knowledge and experience in advocating on behalf of our families and helping to assist them in finding the resources they need.

Staff Spotlight by Troyana Cheatham, former Family Lifeline staff member and current FLYP member. FLYP is Family Lifeline’s young professional council with a mission to develop and empower young professionals to assume leadership roles at work and in the community. The council works to cultivate support for Family Lifeline and its programs through volunteer, social, and fundraising activities.