Family Lifeline recognized the National Council on Aging’s Falls Prevention Day by offering a Lunch and Learn to our family caregivers in our older adult programming as well as Family Lifeline staff who are caring for older adults or persons with disabilities in their life.  This event is the launch of our STEADI Campaign which is a new program we will be implementing for fall prevention of our care recipients.
STEADI stands for Stopping Elderly Accidents, Deaths & Injuries, is a Center for Disease Control and Prevention model that believes falls are not an inevitable part of aging — that they happen to people of all ages. Family Lifeline knows that while increased risk is associated with aging,there are specific things that we, as part of health care team, can do to reduce chances of falling. The use of STEADI’s tools and educational materials will:

  • educate our recipients of care and their caregivers
  • identify patients at low, moderate, and high risk for a fall
  • identify modifiable risk factors
  • offer effective interventions to reduce the risk of falls