Faced with a limited support-system and the chronic stresses of their everyday lives, Tiera and Rondy found it difficult to effectively parent Ashantee, their year old daughter.  While Tiera and Rondy were confident in their love for their young daughter, they were looking for help with building their confidence as parents.  They were referred to Family Lifeline by the City of Richmond’s Resources Mother program (a program for pregnant teens) and began working with Laura, a Parent Educator with Family Lifeline.  Using the best practice Parent’s As Teacher curriculum, Laura worked with the family in their South Richmond home to help them better understand  child development and the vital role each individual parent could play in Ashantee’s upbringing.  With Laura’s help, Teira and Rondy were able to appreciate their daughter’s temperament, create a bedtime routine to ensure she was getting the sleep she needed, and develop calming strategies Ashantee could use when she became frustrated.  Rondy came to learn the important role Dads play in a child’s health and wellbeing as well as the role he and Tiera play as Ashantee’s first and most important teachers.

“Family Lifeline helped us understand our role as Ashantee’s first and best teacher.”

Family Lifeline’s programming for families with small children works to increase parental knowledge of child development, early learning, and positive parenting behaviors. When is it normal to walk? When is it normal to start talking? When should children start eating solid foods? With this information, parents gain confidence and are best equipped to be their child’s first and best teachers.
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