We’re excited to announce the launch of our new website that makes it even easier to understand and access our crucial services to families and individuals in need. Designed to quickly inform and engage visitors, the new site features a more modern look and feel with a highly visual, user-friendly interface. Responsively designed, users will be able to browse from their desktops or mobile devices.
The 10-month project was supported pro bono by Impact Makers, a management and technology consulting company and for-profit Virginia benefit corporation. The project culminated in 514 volunteer hours of highly skilled technical and design work for a total investment of more than $56,000 for Family Lifeline.

“We specifically selected this platform which employs an enhanced content management system to ensure its long-term sustainability for Family Lifeline. We didn’t want them to need another solution in a year or two,” Amy Rosenthal with Impact Makers.

Impact Makers not only built the website but also worked with Family Lifeline on their brand and contnet strategy. Efforts were made to simplify language and reimagine how they talked about themselves – emphasizing Family Lifeline’s impact throughout the lifespan, providing resources and support to families at every stage of live – from infancy to the senior years.

We invite you to spend some time exploring and hope you find it informative, clean, and easy-to-use!