Bre’Shay solicited help from our PAT program for a number of reasons. First she sought to prove to the court system that she was a more than capable mother, but also to prove to herself that she knew how to care for her children. Family Lifeline PAT educator, Laura, saw Bre’Shay as an excellent prospect for the program for a number of reasons. She showed a driven and proactive nature and was insightful to the needs of the children and where she as a mother needed to improve.
Before starting the program, Bre’Shay’s son Frank was a handful. He would throw tantrums over small things and struggled with listening to what he was told to do. Now, it is clear that Frank has made great progress. He sits on the floor and listens to the suggestions of Laura telling him to build something out of the blocks in order to stimulate his imagination. Interestingly, although Frank will build a castle, it is to keep alligators not dragons out which reflects his love of books about different types of animals. Frank has just started preschool at a nearby church and Bre’Shay is very involved in helping Frank to complete his homework. Despite having to complete online classwork, she takes the time at night to work with him reciting the letters and numbers that Frank is supposed to be mastering. In the beginning this would have been difficult due to Frank’s limited attention span and difficulty following his mother’s directions.
Since starting preschool, Bre’Shay has noticed that Frank has started to test the boundaries of what he knows is acceptable behavior. This could be a result of observing the actions of his classmates at school and Bre’Shay is quick to ask Laura for advice on how to effectively counteract this influence.
Laura is very pleased that if she points out any issue during the visit, Bre’Shay will remark that this needs to be worked on. It is that sort of proactivity that has allowed Bre’Shay to become a better teacher for her child and contribute in a greater fashion to his success.