Azucena and her family receive help through Family Lifeline’s Parents as Teachers in addition to visits to the home by a community health nurse. Although Family Lifeline did not work directly with Azucena during her first two pregnancies, providing focused pre-natal care will ensure that her third delivery goes smoothly. Vera and Marylynn were present during the most recent home visit, but both had different focuses. With her background as a nurse, Vera worked on providing Azucena with the necessary information regarding what to do when contractions start and her plan for making it to the hospital safely. Marylynn functioned as an excellent translator as well as working with Azucena to foster a better relationship with her children.
Despite having gone through two pregnancies already, Azucena was very receptive to the information she was provided with and intently asked questions if the information presented was unclear. This is one of the reasons that Vera selected the Azucena specifically to receive help from the program. She says that Azucena demonstrates a proactive nature if she needs help and readily follows any of the advice given. The two discussed the pros and cons of various methods of delivery at the hospital, even deciding on whether she should have a meal before her trip there.

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Azucena’s youngest child, Samuel, has made great strides since Marylynn and Vera began visiting the home. His Autism spectrum disorder greatly affected the way he behaved. During the first visits he would run away from the visitors and hide during the entire visit, unable to be coaxed out even by his mother. He was unable to articulate any words and in general struggled with social interaction. Now however, Samuel politely says “excuse me” as he moves through a room with talking adults and even feels comfortable sitting on the couch and drawing with Vera. In school there is even a chance that he will be moved out of his specialty classes and into a larger class size where he will hopefully demonstrate that he is more than capable of interacting in the appropriate fashion.


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The older son Jonathan is also doing very well. He enjoys showing off his mother’s collection of soccer trophies and regaling visitors with stories of his favorite soccer moments. Azucena is very involved in ensuring that her children receive a good education. She discussed with Marylynn in depth about plans to possibly change schools and showed a lot of concern over the process. Marylynn was able to help her in calling the schools and making the proper arrangements.

Both boys suffer from asthma however with the introduction of a Hepa filter into the home, their symptoms were greatly alleviated. Azucena reported that their coughing lessened and that they became noticeably more active. Because both boys have asthma, the family was prioritized in receiving a Hepa filter which continues to improve the boy’s breathing.

Azucena remains very open about receiving advice on her pregnancy despite having gone through the process before and also is very invested in helping Samuels development as well as ensuring that Jonathan receives a good education. Because of her strong desire to learn, the two boys will only continue to make progress in all aspects of their lives.


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