When Carla first began working with Ms. J in the Spring of 2013, they hit it off right away. “I like this little lady!” Carla remembers thinking. “She is so nice and pleasant!” Carla, who is very friendly and love to talk (and listen!) to her clients, enjoyed her time with Ms. J right off the bat. Ms. J’s granddaughter, who was often wary of aides who came into their home, kept checking on Carla. She wasn’t used to having an aide that could truly take care of her grandmother alone. On the drive home that first day, Ms. J’s granddaughter toldĀ  Carla that she was impressed with Carla’s work. She shared that her grandmother doesn’t usually laugh much, and that it had been great to hear the two of them having such a great time together.
Carla recounts fondly the times she spent with Ms. J. “She always told me I reminded her of herself when she was young,” she says, smiling. Ms. J had also been a caretaker, in her younger years. “Ms. J opened up her arms to me,” Carla says, “and welcomed me like I was part of her family.”
As Ms. J’s health declined, Carla continued to visit her. They talked about how she felt, and Ms. J often said that she knew the end was near. “I’m not all right,” she told Carla. “But I’m going to be all right.”
Though her last couple of weeks on earth were difficult, Carla is glad she was able to see Ms. J before she passed away in late November. Carla had grown close to the family, and even went to visit them at Christmas. She wanted to check on them and see how they were doing.
Carla continues to serve other clients in the Home Care program as lovingly and with as much dedication as she had for Ms. J. “This is my calling,” she says.