Giquanya jumped out of the CHIP van after arriving home from a transport to LensCrafters. When she saw her family members standing outside her apartment she exclaimed, “Y’all I can see!”
Giquanya, a 23 year old mother of three beautiful girls, participates in the CHIP program of Family Lifeline and was in need of glasses. After an appointment for an eye exam at Four Eyes, Giquanya is informed that Medicaid will only pay for the exam and not pay for the glasses.  Disappointed by the news, Mona Berry, parent educator, assures Giquanya she will be able to receive a free pair of glasses with the help of a resource called One Sight at LensCrafters.  One phone call to Leslie Dewalt, General Manager of the One Sight program, and an appointment is scheduled several days after Giquanya’s eye exam. Giquanya is happy to report that she can see clearly and is able to read bus signs when bringing her children to school.