Luci met her Parent Educator when she was overwhelmed by the thought of new motherhood. She was balancing classes at a local community college and experiencing the challenges of living at home with her mother while preparing to give birth.
Through the Parents as Teachers program, Luci was able to work on stress management and receive proper prenatal care, making every doctor’s appointment. She worked on breathing techniques and learned about breastfeeding, taking every precaution to ensure that her child would be given every opportunity to develop and thrive in the healthiest environment possible. When Luci’s daughter was born in March of last year, she tackled challenges as they came. Along with her Parent Educator, Luci learned how to handle a runny nose and cheered as the baby took her first steps across the living room.
While reflecting upon her time in the program, Luci especially remembers  the education about developmental milestones. “They helped me to know that she is on point with her development,” she said. “You know…that everything is normal.” Through this type of education, Luci gained confidence as a parent, and now is able to effectively identify challenges and face them independently.