For Eva, her role as a CNA with Family Lifeline’s Home Care program is more than just a job. For Eva, her position at Family Lifeline led her to a second family. When Eva began working at Family Lifeline in the mid-90s, she was assigned to the case of Ms. Bailey. Ms. Bailey, who had rarely been sick in her long life, had recently been diagnosed with Alzheimer’s. Her health declined quickly, and her family was struggling with this challenging and heartbreaking situation. Ms. Bailey’s daughter, who was trying to work full time and take care of her mother, soon realized that she needed assistance. That’s where Eva came in.
Eva served Ms. Bailey six days a week, and her hardworking nature and can-do attitude put Ms. Bailey’s family at ease right away. Described by many as a person “who doesn’t take anything for granted,” Eva took excellent care of Ms. Bailey. She kept her clean and comfortable, and always assured the family that their mother was in good hands. It was not long before the Baileys had “adopted” Eva as a member of their family. She attended their family functions and forged close and meaningful relationships with many of Ms. Bailey’s relatives. Because of Eva’s service and dedication to Ms. Bailey, her family was given the freedom and peace of mind to continue working, knowing that their loved one was being taken care of.
After seventeen years of dedicated care by Eva, Ms. Bailey passed away at the age of 95. The Baileys have fond memories of their mother’s last years at home, and Eva will always be a part of those memories. They honored Eva by including her in Ms. Bailey’s obituary, and continue to have a close relationship with her today.